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Wedding Vows

Wedding VowsI’ve always said that one of my favorite parts about a wedding ceremony are the wedding vows. For some couples, it’s all about the decorations, what the bride is wearing, or even the wedding dress. But when it comes down to it, the wedding vows are the reason that everyone is there, they are the lifelong pledge to your true love that you’ll stick with them through thick and thin, and proclaiming your love to them before all your friends and family. In short, wedding vows are a big deal. There are all sorts of different kinds of wedding vows, from the tried and true traditional wedding vows that your parents and grandparents repeated, or handwritten personalized wedding vows that are in your own words to make them more romantic and intimate. The type of wedding vows that you choose says a lot about who you are and what you believe, so be sure to choose carefully. Here are some popular types of wedding vows to consider when choosing which wedding vows you’d like at your own wedding.

Traditional Wedding Vows

Being that I come from a Christian background, I had been reciting those traditional wedding vows with my Barbie dolls for as far back as I can remember. I’m sure that nearly everyone can recite those traditional wedding vows on their own, the ones with “for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, for as long as we both shall live” kinds of wedding vows. But don’t assume that just because these wedding vows are older and ultra traditional that they don’t have any meaning. There is a reason why most couples tear up when saying their wedding vows – because those words mean something to them and it shows. For my own wedding, it was important to me to use traditional wedding vows. I wanted to have a very traditional wedding with the big white wedding dress in my church with my pastor and of course, the traditional wedding vows that have been spoken between those in love for so long. But there are other types of wedding vows out there that are perfect for many couples as well.

Romantic Wedding Vows

Romantic vows are a fun modern twist that many couples have chosen to add to their wedding ceremonies. Romantic wedding vows are typically handwritten by the bride and groom themselves, and then recite or read aloud during the wedding vows portion of their wedding ceremony. One of my favorite things about romantic wedding vows is that they truly speak from the heart, and let the other person and everybody else in the room know how strongly you feel about the other person, and the level of commitment that you have to them. Romantic wedding vows can include anything from how much you love them, what that person has taught you, and your willingness to work through any situation and to love that person as yourself.

Whichever type of wedding vows you choose to recite at your wedding ceremony, make sure that it is something from the heart and promises your love and devotion, faithfulness and respect forever. That’s the real reason for having a wedding in the first place, and making such a huge celebration out of it. You’re promising forever in front of your friends and family, and the pastor is there to make it all official. So don’t make your wedding vows something that you don’t really believe in or are comfortable with.

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