What are You Most Excited About?

Weddings are exciting, and it’s no wonder people love going to them. They’re full of romance, beauty, elegance and sometimes they’re exciting and different. But if you’re getting married, there’s always something that you’re most excited about in the whole day.

I know for me, I was totally excited about getting to see my whole family together in one place, and getting to wear my full wedding ring and officially be known as HIS wife. My husband and I had also planned our honeymoon together, and I also couldn’t wait to be away from all the stress of planning a wedding and relaxing on a beach south of the border with my true love.  But every bride is different.

Some brides look forward to the reception, to the events that they have planned after the wedding. Maybe most of your wedding funds are going to give you and your wedding guests one huge party to celebrate your wedding, and that’s the part you’re most looking forward to, or maybe you’re like me and can’t wait to escape and enjoy your dream vacation with your new husband/wife.  I know right now I’d love to go back, escape the stress of the everyday and just have a vacation with just him again, but life catches up to you and you can’t always escape like that.

So what about you? What part of your wedding do you look forward to the most? If you’re already married, what was your favorite part? What part could you just not wait for? I’m interested, let me know! 🙂