Where to Get Ready for Your Wedding

I can’t ever remember making as many decisions at one time as when I was planning my wedding. Decisions such as Getting-Wedding-Day-Readyhow long table clothes should hang off of the edge of the table, what waiters should be wearing and even where each table should be set up.¬† One of the decisions that actually took some prior planning and thinking seems like a simple solution for many brides, and that’s where to get ready for your wedding day. Most brides just plan on getting ready for their wedding at home, or at the church – but what’s the best place to really get ready for your wedding? Here are some thoughts.

Getting Ready at Home

One brides choose to get wedding day ready at home, or the home of a family member. This can be a great option for a couple of reasons. One reason is spending quality time with your family in a familiar location before your wedding. Many stylists will come directly to your house to do your hair there for a small fee, and everybody can get ready together. The downside of course is then staying wedding day beautiful for the trip to the church. High winds or rain could damage that beautiful hairstyle, and someone might forget something important at home and a frantic run back home is never great for the stress levels. Plus, you might need special transportation to get everybody over there at the same time with enough room for your giant and beautiful wedding dress.

Getting Ready at the Ceremony Location

Many churches and other locations who host weddings will offer the bride a room to get ready in before the big day. This is great in that you don’t have to travel far once you are wedding day ready, and it’s easy to find if you have a stylist or make up people coming in to help you get wedding day beautiful. Plus, it’s right on site so if something is forgotten or you need something, it’s super easy to get. No special transportation is needed to get you to the church, and sometimes the room is so fancy and beautiful it can be more fun to get ready there and pamper yourself¬† a bit.

So what are you going to do? What are your thoughts on where to get ready for your wedding?