Wrapping Paper Table Runners

Wrapping Paper Wedding CenterpiecesBrides everywhere are looking for that special something that completes their perfect wedding day in a creative, custom way while still saving those dollars and fitting into sometimes a very tight wedding budget. I have to admit, some brides are much more creative at making it work than others, and those of us that are left just have to look at their ideas and decorations to be able to do it ourselves.

This idea can help you save a ton of money on your wedding decorations, and is as simple as cutting paper. Literally. Instead of renting those expensive colored table runners that look nice but still aren’t exactly what you were looking for, why not find some other kind of material to use? Some brides just use a colored tablecloth and hope that that their centerpieces will be bright and colorful enough to make up for the lack of color everywhere else on their table. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

So instead of renting those expensive table runners from a caterer, why not use something simple and inexpensive like wrapping paper? You can buy it in bulk and at just a couple dollars per roll, it’s really hard to go wrong! Find a pattern you like that fits your wedding colors, and run a thick stripe of it down the middle of your table, and secure it under your tablecloth with tape or pins. If you have enough paper left over, why not use it in more of your decorations? Make paper flowers out of the leftovers, or shred the left overs and use them in your wedding centerpieces. You could even wrap the lids of the boxes that have your wedding favors in the same wrapping paper, and have them on each plate while your guests are coming in. There are lots of great uses for inexpensive products if you just know how to use them.

So for those of us who have to sit back and see what the totally creative people do, there are lots of great ideas out there for decorating your wedding on a budget. All you have to do is find the tips and ideas that are right for you, and make them your own!